Response Hashtags

On the user forum, user nibl suggested a way for a blogger to open an optional discussion channel on their posts with interested readers. See his thread for details. Note that in this post, he offered some javascript code to automatically insert a customizable response tag to a blog post.

Note that for this to work, the Preferred URL in your blog's Customize page must be in the format <blogname>, NOT<blogname>. That is a system requirement for javascript to work.

So I created this temporary blog to test out this feature. If you wish, you can respond to this post by including the hashtag below in your post.

Nibl proposes the following convention idea for response posts: “My suggestion for responses is to use a #ResponseTo hashtag in your post, but to also prefix the title to indicate that it is a response post. For example if I wrote a post titled “Hello World” and you want to respond to it, you can write a post titled “Response to: Hello World” and add the #ResponseTo hashtag in the post.”

Tags: #responsetest