Temp Blog to Test Response Hashtags

It's fascinating to see the various creative ways people are using Write.as and WriteFreely.

I just saw the Dino's Journal site and am very impressed with it. Quickly and briefly: one of the things I like about it is his Series and Tags pinned page and especially like the way he uses CSS to style the tags display.

This is another post in the #responsetest series, a proposal by user nibl which several people are now testing out on write.as. You can see all the responsetest posts from all the participants here.

The hashtag for this response to Dino is #ResponseToDino.

A blog post on tinkering.writeas.com included the #responsetest hashtag and thus was an initial contribution to the discussion thread which can be viewed at https://read.write.as/t/responsetest.

Since this post also includes the #responsetest hashtag, this should also show up as part of that thread.

Note that if you click on #responsetest in this post, you'll get only those posts in this blog that include that hashtag. To get the discussion posts on read.write.as, you have to go to https://read.write.as/t/responsetest.

On the write.as user forum, user nibl suggested a way for a write.as blogger to open an optional discussion channel on their posts with interested readers. See his thread for details. Note that in this post, he offered some javascript code to automatically insert a customizable response tag to a blog post.


Testing out the No Responses Please feature.


EDIT: This is a test – I am editing this post after it has appeared on read.write.as. What I'm interested in knowing is if post changes (corrections, updates, etc) will show on read.write.as, or whether the post is frozen as of the time it first becomes available on read.write.as.

So the changes showed up almost immediately on read.write.as. So the answer is a definite yes => subsequent changes to a post after it is initially published will show on read.write.as.

Tags: #responsetest